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There may not be much people as individuals can do to change any major aspect of the world, and all its conflicts with nature and human relations, but understanding why things are the way they are, helps the self to transcend beyond like when on vacation, the life left behind and all its trivialities may not seem so important.

To begin reality is characterized of three depictions or Condition, Context and Cognizance. Condition represents the Positive Dimension as the physical world to which also is ascribed the current topic Philosophy. Context represents the Negative Dimension as memory and mind, considered other dimensional from the Positive thus as matter and mind. Cognizance represents the Metaphysical as a third dimension of non-physical existence or Spirit and Soul.

The theory here attempts to explain the human condition, primarily as a duality or two fundamental contexts of interpretation called Conservative and Progressive, but however adding lately a transcetory third impedus of change called Conducive.

The definitions of these two terms has been reversed, so that most people don't understand what they mean. Rich people and promoters who are ever wanting the progressive increase of more and more money, property, power or influence, mistakenly call themselves conservative, which really means to maintain the same. Ecologists who believe in the preservation of nature in its natural state call themselves progressive which nature is not, like Crocodiles never changing for 200 million years. This material is presented in three parts called Philosophy, Psychology and Metaphysics.

What is of Consequence:

Where in the universe we are, of what the planet we live is; who we are and what are we doing? If we knew the answers to these questions, we would better know, what the worth, value and consequence of things of reality are.

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