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apple pie associated with the home-land and patriotism while dinner of dog may be assumed the fare of certain foreign lands, the emotional response system reflects the polarity and scale of value which is illustrated by the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative.

As any physical resource may be evaluated by comparison to a superior state, as the value of trees may be equated to lumber, and the value of diamonds may be equated to status, so can the worth and consequence of the individual be evaluated. The Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, as a scale of Consequential Value when applied to human relations, produces a class system which is inherent to all progressive systems. Since Consequential Value and emotion correspond, the hierarchical system has a profound affect upon the human sensory apparatus.

A hierarchy of status is innate to the concept of Progression, in which the new, improved and superior qualities and conditions replace old, and inferior ones. In terms of human relations, the achievement of progression produces a hierarchy of status in which some have more than others, whether it be talent, property, education or money, all of which equate to volitional abilities. From this progressive scale derives the Hierarchical Arrangement.

Two independent types of sensory response are distinguished here based upon whether or not the association contains Consequential Value, such as the difference between the thought of dirt or heart surgery. These are described as Natural Affection characterized by Amorphous Sensation and Emotion. Amorphous Sensation is wherein the sensory response is not enhanced or animated by Consequential Value. One's reaction to an eight dollar wine may be not be very animated, but may become quite enhanced if told it is not an eight but five hundred dollar wine.