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These two opposed classes represent the function of the Positive Base Comparative Standard which is Additory, and the Negative Base Comparative Standard which is Subtractive Base, from which human consequence is assessed by adding as more than or subtracting as less than.


In the real world as human social conditions, the Antithetical Matrix represents those without education, training, knowledge or property, or in cultural terms, from 'primitive peoples' without complex social systems, to outcasts such as Gypsies and racial or religious minorities. In social and psychological terms the Antithetical Matrix is the least capacity and ability of volition. The Untouchable Class consists of persons who correspond to the opposite of the prevailing Metaphysical Ideals, as poverty is the opposite of wealth, ugliness the opposite of beauty, ignorance of education, or Monotheism that of Polytheism, religious believers to atheists or any Alternate Polarities like religious cults, drug cultures or bohemians. The Untouchable Class may consist of the poor and uneducated. They may be of a minority race, religion, cultural or political persuasion and particular professions. They may have the least volitional abilities and have a standard of living, which is considered low, mean, and dirty.

The Untouchable Class serves any number of purposes. Primarily it is the bottom and lowest degrees of consequence and worth, from which all the higher classes can assess and substantiate themselves, as so many degrees more and better than by Numerical Qualification. The civil servant may be rated higher than trades person. The Untouchable Class also serves other purposes. They are assigned the most demeaning work no one else wants to do. They are serfs, slaves, indentured servants, uneducated, ignorant, and low class. The untouchable classes represent the bottom of the progressive scale, as what one should at all costs avoid if possible. They represent what one should not be like as examples to threaten non-progressives. They also represent the scapegoat and someone to blame for the contradictions inherent in Progressive Materialism.