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Inequality is inherent in progressive systems, as the progressed advance away from the low and ordinary to the elite. The untouchable classes are always based upon inferiority, as racial, religious, sexual, educational, or developmental. This inferiority is the absence of qualities contained of the Metaphysical Ideal or Extra Mundane Authority, and serves as a convenience, in which to practice exploitation. The lower or working classes may be the untouchable class, when slaves, forced labor and exploitation are outlawed. The untouchable stigma persists but is termed prejudice.

The lower classes are Additory Base, in which the lower middle and middle classes, who are inferior to the upper classes, can feel superior. The Additory Base is also a measure, from which to assess the progression of the individual and culture as a whole, as a culture may measure its progressed status against stone age people. The Untouchable Class suffers the most emotional trauma based on a sense of worthlessness. In materialist society wherein personal identity, consequence and worth are established by the accumulation of Excess and Profit, the Untouchable Class with the least volitional abilities, has the least esteem and can have problems so associated, such as crime, alcoholism,, violence, or suicide. Wherein economic opportunities as the standard Metaphysical Ideals are not available, in part because it is necessary to maintain a labor force to perform necessary lowly functions, Alternate Polarities are an important function. These polarities may include separate individual and cultural Metaphysical Ideals and identities.


At the other end of the spectrum, as the Positive Base Comparative Standard, is the Elite Class, which in the secular perspective possesses the attributes of the prevailing Metaphysical Ideals. In general this represents the greatest capacities volitional abilities, or the highest degrees of progression, advancement and perfection of every type. It is property, wealth, power, elitism and sometimes education, notoriety as the ideal of Progressive Materialism.