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Numerical Evaluation is a scale of one to ten used to describe the degrees of Consequence on the spectrum of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative. 'One' is the Antithetical Matrix while 'Ten' is the Metaphysical Ideal. One to ten is simple and easy to remember and is of the popular jargon.

A second scale is proposed here, as the one to ten scale used by Liberals and 0 to ten scale used by the Pseudo-Conservatives who are not really Conservative but the opposite. Excess & Profit is not Conservative but is Progressive as more, more and ever progressively more. Conservative is Necessity & Subsistence as practiced by Indigenous people. Nature is Conservative as only what is necessary. Both Pseudo-Conservatives and Liberals are Progressives and use the numerical scale of the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative.

The Pseudo-Conservative model would use a numerical scale of zero to ten as more fascist than Liberals. The zero would equate to zero worth and Consequence of individuals, of the absolute bottom of the class system as the Antithetical Matrix, and as zero that are expendable and certainly exploitable. On the other hand the Liberal scale would be as has been given one to ten, wherein while the one is the bottom as lowest it is not without some worth and redeemable, which makes a Liberal as the Pseudo-Conservative might say, a lily-livered Liberal. Monotheists who believe Polytheists have no souls would be zero-based. God's final solution irredeemable Hell. The liberal message would be everyone has some good in them.