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Dimensional Trinity

Three dimensions are posited as the Positive, Negative and Metaphysical Dimensions. The Positive Dimension as the material world is called Condition. The Negative Dimension as mind and memory is called Context, and the Metaphysical Dimension is called Cognizance, such that Condition, Context and Cognizance are called the Dimensional Trinity.


Cognizance means of what one is aware. Awareness is defined as cognitive capacity exercised from three purviews, as explained in Condition, Context and Cognizance. Rather than perceptual differences of the sensory organs, Cognizance means differences in Interpretation as the Conservative, Progressive and Exoteric Paradigms.

Exoteric Paradigm

Exoteric Paradigm means outside the Conservative and Progressive Paradigms, and thus is elicited an augmented and elucidated understanding, as a third wheel which steers the other two.

Metaphysical Dimension

If the Conservative Paradigm as Condition is primarily the sphere of the Positive Dimension and the Progressive Paradigm as Context relates primarily to the Negative Dimension, the Exoteric Paradigm as Cognizance is applied primarily to the Metaphysical Dimension.

As parallel correlations, Somatic Being is of the Positive Dimension as physical bodily existence, the Euphoric as other dimensional Spirit is correlated with the Negative Dimension and memory and mind, and the Psychesoma as other-dimensional Soul is parallel the Metaphysical Dimension.

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