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If Condition is represented as a Whole and Context as a Part, Cognizance is correlated to Product, which is either Internal to the Whole or External to the Part. The earth could be said to be a Product internal to the Galaxy. The factory produced widgets for export to widget stores scattered scattered across the land.

Products, or Cognizance by extrapolation, when internal to the Whole means confined to the inside of the Whole, like someone who has never travelled, or Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer's town, or whatever the Whole might be.

External Products are the function of the Part, and thus Cognizance as an extrapolation is external, which means someone who travels a lot but never settles on one place, or Huckleberry Finn as a quest. Cognizance internal like locals and external like globalists. Like the difference between local and national government. States rights as opposed to Federal governance.

Internal & External

Internal Cognizance is wherein the Part is a Whole, implies Internal Authority as first hand empirical self-decided, hands-on, knowledge concerning the parameters of the local Whole.

External Cognizance is wherein the Whole is a Part, implies External Authority, as larger parameters of perception, realization and recognition, but which are abstract, second hand, vicarious action and operation based on such as books, film and story telling, without personal experience in the operation of local entities.


The MetaProperties are All which is representative of the Whole, One which is representative of the Part, and Null representative of the Product.

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