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Null means void, unfilled, uninhabited, unoccupied, vacant, empty or undefined, of which aught or anything can and may come to occupy the space or acumen. When Null becomes finite and specific it is no longer Null.

All is representative of the Whole because the Whole means all of whatever the Whole consists. One is representative of the Part because the Part is one entity of a Whole. Null is representative of the Product of a Whole and or a Part, because the Product represents any result of change as augmented of the void. Where there was Product not there is Product now.

Semiotic Language

The Null represents symbolic value meaning anything can be symbolic of anything else, as any instance or occurrence of reality may be interpreted as symbolic of communication with the Metaphysical Dimension called Semiotic Language. As the pronouncement was made a crow landed in a nearby tree thus is considered and auspicious sign. However if it had been an owl, not so much.


Psychesoma means Soul, which is given the character of Null. The Psychesoma would be said to be the true character, of that Somatic Being which possesses a Soul, having a history of inter-dimensional sentience.

However as relates the Obscurity Principle, if the true character of the Psychesoma, as the individual's true self were known, there could exist no free-will in that one would have to act the part of the true Psychesoma self, and be true to that character. Thus it is theorized that the existence of the Soul must be Null, void, unfilled, uninhabited, unoccupied, vacant, empty or undefined.

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