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Spirit is called the Euphoric and is represented here as one or more personal other-dimensional agents. If the Obscurity Principle is an accurate concept, the Psychesoma would be said to be possessed of continuing existence and a knowledge of such would affect every decision. I am never to going to die. What shall I do today ? Without death, without an end point, without Consequence - does it matter ? Perhaps the Psychesoma would use a proxy for its living called Somatic Being.

It would be a matter of history. Somatic Being so far as can be proved lives one life and thus has not much history. The Psychesoma with a consciousness of everness, would by default have a great deal of history. The point being that Somatic Being and the Psychesoma though opposites, may have a great deal to learn from each other. And while the Psychesoma is invisible to Somatic Being, a communication between the two perhaps would be beneficial to both, and thus the purpose of the Euphoric as a communicative herald. However the the Euphoric as other-dimensional to the physical is also invisible to Somatic Being and for many if not most does not exist. No Spirit and no Soul.

The other-dimensional Euphoric would be said to act on behalf of the Psychesoma, and possess the capability of communication both with the Psychesoma and Somatic Being. The manner of which the Euphoric communicates with the Somatic Being may engage telepathics, but a better method is empirical Semiotic Language.

MetaProperty One

The Euphoric is associated with the MetaProperty One or Part, since the Product it produces is external to itself as affect upon Somatic Being, and because Somatic Being is represented by the MetaPropery All, the Whole and the Ego. And the Psychesoma is represented by the Null.

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