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Somatic Being is represented by the MetaPropery All, which more or less means Whole, that when applied to the planet Earth, all known Products are internal to itself. The Ego is the personality of the body, the sphere of Interpretation as primarily the context of the body considered as a Whole in itself.

Capacities of the Euphoric would be such as vis--vis premonition, clairvoyance, extra-sensory perception, presage, synchronicity, conjunctive circumstance of thought and happening. The Euphoric associated with the One, or the Part produces a Product in terms of the acquirement of information and knowledge.

MetaPhysical Cognizance

Metaphysical Cognizance means awareness with the aid and of the context of other-dimensional entities as conjectured the Euphoric, and of which empirical experience there has been no lack of. Metaphysical Cognizance assumes in specific instances that the Euphoric may play a role of intercession in the affairs of the material world, which might be called reality reading, synchronicity or Semiotic Language as interpretive mechanics.

Euphorical intercession for those who would become aware of such possibilities, would theoretically be such that one's life would be led in a manner one would assume would be in the interest of the Psychesoma as influenced and directed by the Euphoric.

Internal Authority

By the use of Semiotic Language as three dimensional empirical apprehension of spiritual intercession of the Euphoric, first-hand experience of such phenomenon equates to Internal Authority, wherein the individual by personal participation and practice engenders a self-decided Cognizance and fair certainty of self-decided knowledge, as opposed to accepted external sources such as experts, adepts and holy texts.

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