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Natural Affection

The Exoteric Paradigm were there such a thing, infused with Metaphysical Metaphoria, would exhibit Natural Affection as the emotive system, wherein Association is of a content in which the sensory response reflects the natural and direct affects upon the sensory apparatus, as opposed to the dictates of Consequential Value as would be exhibited with Emotion. The one who watches another win the lottery, compared to the one who wins the lottery.

The Apotheosis

The Apotheosis represents what are called the seven bodies of being as : Somatic Being, the Sentient Self, the Ego, the Identities, Ipseities, Euphoric and Psychesoma. Each of these bodies represents a form of Cognizance.

Somatic Being

Somatic Being would be the physical body and biology independent of the sensory system, called the Sentient Self as the biological machine. Cognizance in terms of the body would mean deadpan, impassive, expressionless, inexpressive, indifferent, unemotional or unimpassioned as detached sensory response.

Sentient Self

The Sentient Self is the sensory apparatus and system of Somatic Being, in which Cognizance would be appreciated as thru the emotives of Natural Affection as unaffected sensory response, and Emotion where Consequence exaggerates the sensory reaction.

The Ego

The Ego is defined as the contextual selector of Association, as pertains Interpretive Context of everything the Sensory Self would perceive as affecting the body. The Cognizance of the Ego is primarily concerned with anything that may affect Somatic Being, as that night-time offer of a cup of coffee is interpreted as how it may affect one's ability to sleep.

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