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The Identities

Identities are created as Interpretive Personifications for the purpose of accomplishing objectives, such as butcher, baker or home maker, wherein the Identities interpret reality in the context of the objectives to be accomplished. Cognizance would be thru various Contexts as objectives such as the clergy, the politician or the capitalist.

The Ipseities

Ipseities are Identities for the purpose of accomplishing other-dimensional objectives in the Spiritual, Religious, Metaphysical or Metaphorical realm. Cognizance would be thru the Contexts of Interpretive Personifications, the purpose of which would be other-dimensional objectives concerning afterlife or other-dimensional intercession in present life. Saint Peter don't you call me cause I can't go; no I owe my Soul to the company store.

The Euphoric

Euphorics would be represented by various Ipseitian Interpretive Personifications implying other-dimensional capacities and powers of what would be called one or more personal divine messengers, especially concerning Semiotic Language. Cognizance would involve a relationship with Euphorics such that perception and observation would involve the Contexts of Euphorical involvement.

The Psychesoma

Cognizance as the awareness of the Psychesoma might be derived from interpretations as to the relationship of Somatic Being with Euphorics, indicated by Euphorican other-dimensional intercession in the affairs of mortal me and mine.

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