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Dimensional Trinity

Three dimensions are posited as the Positive, Negative and Metaphysical Dimensions. The Positive Dimension as the material world is called Condition. The Negative Dimension as mind and memory is called Context, and the Metaphysical Dimension is called Cognizance, such that Condition, Context and Cognizance are called the Dimensional Trinity.

Condition represents the field, universe and origin of all sentience, as every stimuli and sensation perceived by the Sensory Apparatus, as impressions and images originating interior or exterior to the body. Condition is considered the province of Philosophy and is considered as intrinsically Conservative meaning the absence of Excess & Profit. Condition represents the body of being, of the material physical world, as opposed to the intellective as Context, and Cognizance as non-material and non-mental observer.

Condition is described by fifteen properties : These are the Positive Dimension, Conservative, the Whole, the All, Somatic Being, Consequence and Conviction, the Ego, Internal Authority, Optimum Correspondence, Natural Affection, Foundation Reasoning, Polytheism, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy.


Condition as the natural world and universe is Conservative called the Positive Dimension, which means its continual existence is by preservation, as the duplication of itself in exact or near-like form unendingly. The economics of living existence is Necessity & Subsistence, or what is needed and not much more. There is no Excess & Profit in nature.

The Whole:

The Condition of the planet in it's totality is called a Whole, specifically which means all known products are produced internal to itself, which are called Parts, and which act in a Unified Function in support of the Whole.

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