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The Absence of Consequence


The absence of consequence is the necessary condition of Progressive Materialism, which is a value system based upon the invention, creation, production and maintenance of alternatives to the natural world. Every physical manifestation that is created by human effort requires material for its construction, which involves both labor, as time and energy, and physical materials, such as wood, iron, electricity, cotton, or minerals like copper and silver. The materials used for the creation, construction and the maintenance of human created states, must be acquired by the transformation or destruction of things already existing, such as elements of the natural world or recycled products. These usages require that the elements employed, possess no inherent consequential value in and of themselves, which is described by the concept of the Consequence of Being.

The Consequence of Being represents the value, as a right of existence, of any or all elements of any given pre-existent state, compared to the results and products created, which requires the transformation or destruction, of the tandem pre-existent state changed. The Consequence of Being of a state or entity, is determined by its value as a suitability, to be used as material, to create superior alternatives. The Consequence of Being of the 'Sherman Oak' is deemed greater, than anything of human construction, that it could be used as material for, or that would be built in its place, and thus possesses consequence such that it is protected. The consequence of the ordinary oak, is equal to the product it is used to create, like furniture or laminates.

The Inherent Consequence of present existent entities or states, is a prohibition upon transformation, destruction and usage, as material for the creation, of alternatives to natural or already existent human conditions such as a church. The free unfettered activity of humankind, to create alternatives to the natural world, requires a value system that is absent a spiritual definition of the natural world, such as an already existing heaven, or the absence of Inherent Consequence.