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I toured Europe for something less than a year. I had it all planed out. In exchange for pulling a half dozen or so 'charge of quarters' duties (answer the phone if it should ring all thru the night. It never rang) with a sergeant in my unit, he would have the Greek Air Force build two stainless steel elongated boxes, to mount on a Triumph motorcycle I would buy in London. However at the last minute I changed my mind and sent the boxes home, with all my army stuff in them like my uniforms, boots and such. At the same time I sent my tent and some camping equipment to the London embassy, where I would pick it up after purchasing my motorcycle. I had applied for an overseas discharge in Greece, and was discharged from the Army maybe March 30, 1967. I sentimentally hung around an extra day or two, in no hurry to encounter the complete unknown.

I have a map of my complete tour of Europe traced out in black ink. I had to do some digging to find it. Without it I would have no memory of the circuit I travelled. The map shows I took a ferry from Atre, Greece, but I can find no such place on the web, so will call it Patra which is in the vicinity, and which the web maps show, as the origin of the ferries to Italy. I would take a ferry out of Patra, which would ship me over to Brindisi, Italy, and from there take a train to Rome which I did. To get there it was a long bus ride from Athens. Met a guy on the bus by complete accident I would assume, who had attended the same college as my old nemesis and later friend Hegle.

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