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Alternate art Lifestyle

For those not interested in contributing to things like the ramifications of global warming, environmental degradation, species extinction, ever greater pollution and human population crowding, the individual can make decisions as to whether they will be a humanist or environmentalist, what one can do on individual level, as matter of personal ethics and pride.

Since there is no control on the human birth rate that is ever expanding, the economic instruments must be progressive, which means that more and more businesses and products and services with accordant jobs must be created. Thus the primary responsibility of humanitarian government, must be to promote business or some form of economic means for the majority of citizens, in order to maintain stable social conditions and the welfare of its citizens. In earlier times the products of capitalism were made to last a long time. Most of the means of production were family owned. The designers and owners of production, the workers and the consumers all took pride in the quality of products. Design changes were motivated primarily to improve the quality of the product. With the advent of the increase in the number of corporations, the emphasis became profits, to the exclusion of the other considerations mentioned. Thus design changes became primarily stylistic such as to promote sales by the latest models of appearance. In the late fifties the concept of 'built in obsolescence' was introduced and promoted. A motive as rationale may have been to increase jobs, but the underlying motive was to force the consumer to buy new models by the products obsolescence and thus increase profits. However foreign competition had not caught up to this concept, and were producing better quality products forcing American manufactures to improve the quality of their products also. But still the emphasis of product design change became increasingly stylistic. And in the America of the last twenty years of the corporate world, the concept of providing jobs was completely disregarded, by the moving of production into cheap labor foreign countries, and thus the only motive becomes profits. New jobs continue to be created locally, by the constant innovation of not only new product styles and labels, but complete new innovations and inventions, in concert with the continuous mass marketing processes of the mass media.

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