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Amalgamism would be a mixture of Socialism and Capitalism, wherein Socialism is Government, the definition of which is to serve all of its citizens as equitably as possible. Socialism is for All, while Capitalism is for One, as private interests and not necessarily concerned with others.

Capitalists are for private interests and as a rule they hate Socialism, and as another rule they don't know what Socialism is, like they be driving down a public financed roadway every day. Socialists don't even know what Socialism is and confuse it with communism or Government ownership of the means of production, and thus consequently there is not much hope for humanity. People don't get smarter, they just get more propagandized. Some socialists too will tend to think Socialism is the all and everything and would forever ban Capitalism.

Socialism as Government is parks, roads, libraries, used to be museums, mail and various sundry services all free. Capitalism does not allow free and no sharing. The Capitalists would own everything including the air and charge as much as the market would bear. But as would have it here, Government is good if it is honest and not owned by Capitalists, and Capitalism is generally good if it is honest and not sooner later Corporate-Capitalist evil. Currently there is a good mix of Government and Capitalism in most countries, the problem being Monarchy, Monotheism, oligarchy, Monoculture and Corporate Capitalism, all of which amount to private interest Fascism.

The town, the city, the county and state are socialist. Honest Government attempts to regulate social obligation so-as to benefit the Whole as publicly owned. Honest Capitalism is private profit and anything socialist is called charity.

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