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I grew up on a small island, so of course there were boats around, and a four stall boat house on the island. And while the neighbor had swift boats with the latest and biggest outboard motor built at the time, the twenty-five horse power Johnson, my grandfather whose summer house it was I lived, had a onerous heavy burdensome, wood Coast Guard oar rowed life boat.

Saturday morning and it was raining to beat the band - and pouring, so a dozen refugee fishermen were sheltering in those days - the unlocked an open boat house doors on the common land - so when the storm passed as did the fishermen, so did a first on the market 25 horse power Johnson boat motor. The missing motor was discovered almost immediately and the police were called urgently, on the telephone party line, and the busybodies secret-listeners had a field day that morning.

The villainous fishermen thieves were spotted by binoculars - heading for a boat rental place across the lake, and it was a race. Our town, Song Lake - was un-incorporated with no - the police had to race over from the town next door by squad car - and nabbed the miscreant fishermen with the hot motor on the dock as they landed, and the Johnson was retrieved. So the waters were parted and the black and white was revealed, and what were they thinking, saying they found it ?

High water in spring, a couple of sunken wooden row boats floated abandoned on the lake and I snagged them. Leaky row boats, the planks had cracks between and I was shown how to patch them with rope strand and black tar, from the lumber yard on the outside bottom.

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