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Moars had big windows which fronted Powell Street and the Street Cars sitting stopped or moving up and down and on and off the big round turnaround in the street. At this time at this intersection they were constructing the underground Bart subway on Market Street right there, so there was a lot of construction and fences along the Powell street curb. Moars had a horse shoe counter right inside at the double glass front doors on the east side, behind which was the long stainless steel tubular tray slides, where one would slide a tray down the line and take whatever food one wanted in glass dishes. They had servers at the hot dish station in the middle, with various hot meats, potatoes and gravy. The cash register was at the end in the back. The rest of the long room to the west were tables, usually with four chairs, proceeding all the way up to the big windows in front.

Market and Powell was memorable for me because I tried to sell newspapers there maybe in August of my first year in SF. This was soon after I had moved to North Beach from the Haight. Thought I would try to make some money. I was living on savings from my time in the army. A lot of people sold the Berkeley Barb by standing on street corners and even in the street in Haight Ashbury. My first surprise was when I found out I had to buy the papers. Had to sell fifty percent of them to break even. But I was determined having come that far.

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