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Was one guy at Moars I would see often when I went in there. He represented an image to me of the wise man. Think he knew that I had an idealization of him. I was somewhat disappointed when one afternoon he was there with a group of men talking, and he turned out to be nothing but a right wing windbag. I could tell he knew I was disappointed and seemed to enjoy disillusioning me. Appearance is deceiving. There was another character I saw a few times. He wore a Fedora and and Camel hair coat. He liked to arrogantly hold court. I took him to be Mafia, but what did I know?

I was having coffee and a cigarette at the counter one noontime, probably having stopped in on my way from the Art Institute to Bernal Heights. The place was packed, both the counter and the tables. There was a loud buzz of conversation. Thank God in those days they didn't have music. I sat at the counter. Next to me was a black guy and a white guy. The white guy was as racist as one could ever run into. Apparently they worked together and the black guy was new. The white guy was doing all the talking laden with racist under-tones, and the black guy was sweating profusely. It was appallingly disgusting, the most abominable conversation I have ever witnessed. The white guy was a master butcher, which is doing a disservice to butchers. The black guy said nothing and just took it. I would liked to have meddled but I didn't have the guts. I couldn't take it for long and left.

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