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But the point of the story was, one evening around five when I was having dinner at the cafe, I had an experience with an elderly lady at a near-by table. Some of my friends were big into astrology. I also got into it. My neighbor Pat did my chart. I later learned to do my own chart. The idea is that it shows your basic propensities, as the tendencies to psychological construct. Because I was already versed somewhat in the basics of astrology, I am not quite sure when the following incident took place. But it could not have been while I was still living in North Beach.

I was eating at Moars, dinner - it being late in the afternoon, when I discovered that I became very egotistical about my astrological chart. I began to think how great a chart it was. I was running through various fantasies. Then the chart popped into my mind, so that I could see the whole thing exactly as it was on paper at home. Then I could feel another mind. I looked toward the windows. There was an elderly woman seemingly concentrating on me. I thought that she had ripped the chart right out of my mind. Now she had the architectural plans to my possible being.

These kinds of experiences are somewhat subtle and enigmatic. Did it really happen or did I imagine it? I was sure at the time that it did and am still sure today. But in any case I learned that it might be possible for people to pick one's brain. I learned I must be careful with my ego around strangers. I learned by conjecture that unfriendly people might be able to use one's astrological chart against one.

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