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Silver Barrel

I remember slot machines were legal in the bars in Illinois in the forties . I remember the first TV. The neighbors had it and everyone was over to see. Mostly it was snow, just white frazzle on the screen.

We had a coal burning furnace with a wooden shoot where the black coal and dirty stuff it was, was delivered and shovelled down the shoot to a wood holding pen in the basement. We had ice delivered for the ice box. Milk was delivered and left on the doorstep - cream and eggs, as was bread and pastries if one so ordered, with an order sheet left on the door step, if one would not be home.

Radio was big in the forties, and people didn't watch they listened, and they might read at the same time. Movies were huge and our town then, GraysLake Illinois, had an outdoor theater, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour. We walked to school, a distance of about half a mile or six blocks I suppose, and had to walk past a grave yard, which adjoined the school playground actually.

Learning to read was Dick and Jane and sometimes Sally, run spot run, see Jane run. Dick and Jane can work, can Sally work, too ? Dick wants to make Jane jump, but he is the one who jumps.

I once was fishing on the lake or just funning, and saw a real live hobo running to beat the band into the woods. Looked just like portrayed in all the cartoons, with something he stole no doubt. It was said the hobos stole pies off of women's window ledges, where they were left to cool. And it was said gypsies stole babies.

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