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It was a Sunday morning at Fort Knox, Kentucky and someone from Headquarters was suppose to wake and drive me to the transfer center. They didn't show and I woke late and had to run over to headquarters and rouse up my Jeep ride. The transfer center was a huge room with maybe a hundred guys sitting on the floor next to or on their duffel bags. People were called out individually and went up and got their plane ticket to wherever was to be their permanent duty station. My class had gone mostly to hospitals in Texas and Walter Reed Army in DC.

I had been a hold over for two months after finishing clerk school, which means my class had all shipped out to their permanent duty stations a couple months previous, but no orders ever came for me, and I was in no hurry to get to my so-thought permanent duty assignment anyway. I had spent the last two months in the study of hiding while being present and accounted for.

Winter was coming on. It was getting cold and this whole thing was getting old, so I said to the orders clerk one day, 'Get me some orders'. Thus I had longish hair and was somewhat dishevelled from my hurried dress in my class A uniform, and there seemed to be something of an attitude of aghast, as they called my name and destination: orders for Headquarters Company United States Army, Fort Myer Virginia.

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