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The person interested in indoor things may pay no attention to what occurs around them when outside. A naturalist may observe nature in the most intimate detail wherein many another kind of person may hardly notice that it is raining out.

There are varying levels of intelligence. Some have to do with retardation or the inability to learn, remember or associate quickly. Another level might be the under and uneducated and those with a limited knowledge of things beyond the sphere of their own experiential world. So called higher levels of intelligence might have larger degrees of knowledge as greater degrees of education, experience and travel, abilities to communicate with many different types of people, speak more than one language, do sophisticated math, understand computers, or calculate the trajectory of space probes in conjunction with distant planets.

There are also varying Levels of Consciousness. Levels of Consciousness pertains to the degree to which interest and significance is expanded from something like the singular and limited interests of a child compared to a student of the world. Consciousness is defined as the facility of obtain and understand any number of perspectives different from ones own, which may increase the individual's awareness and understanding of the reasons, purposes, implications and ramifications of phenomenon, entities or events. The wider the range of what is considered as significant and important, the greater the degree of knowledge which may derive from expanded interests. A person when young might be interested in girls, sports and cars, which may expand in college to interests in history, politics or social studies, which expands again perhaps with world travel and the personal experience of what one has studied in many varied settings and cultures. If the individual has studied politics, there may be an awareness of the affect that politics has in each country visited, wherein without this study this awareness may not exist. Thus the individual's awareness while in a foreign country, may be greater than would otherwise be the case, concerning a knowledge of politics which affects the people one is visiting.