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The individual's evaluation, as the value and consequence of things determines the individual's awareness. The vehicle of perspective, that everything is of equal importance in terms of the value of existence, is that everything is equally deserving of recognition, attention, observation and regard. The simple act of paying attention causes one to become aware of what one would ordinarily not. The greater the consequence and importance one thinks that reality in general is, the greater attention one will pay to what otherwise might seem very ordinary and average. By the same token limitations in the form of less importance, affect the perception and awareness of the individual. If the surrounding environment is considered to be alive as a single living organism, a direct connection may be established between the environment and the individual. All the plants, animals and every naturally occurring phenomenon, entity or event can be considered aspects of a single living organism. The person is not isolated from all but human social relations by the self-imposed isolation of superiority, is not alone, but is surrounded with teeming life forms, natural beauty, weather and every feeling associated with the natural world. The individual may feel oneself to be enveloped in a realm of spiritual reality. This attitude of the equivalency of value and consequence may cause one to never feel solitary, but has the companionship of this reality. This reality may be capable of communication and of producing or doing favors for the individual. This reality may seem to know what the individual is thinking and feeling. This reality may be thought of as if it were another person and may be treated the same way as one would treat a loved one, family member or friend. As attention is given to this reality, so may attention be returned, the same as with any human social relation. This feeling may be one of exhilaration and the person is both at once a singular entity and an aspect of all existence. The individual is not dependent upon the community of humans for every physical, emotional and religious or spiritual need or superfluidity. Thus individual may possess a degree of independence that also imparts potentials of character development that may be unknown to many others.