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Symbolic Consciousness means that any phenomenon, entity or event is not considered to possesses singular definitions and Finite Context but may take the form of symbols which may represent a variety of things. For instance if the context of ambient and random sounds are used by the individual as signals or comments, then thought, word or action, such as the wail of fire or ambulance sirens may be interpreted to indicate a warning to the individual that they have said to much, or may come in conjunction with some creative thought that one might otherwise ignore or give no credence. The context as a question might be created like, is one vulnerable to spiritually inspired harm?, such that soon after, if the person encounters a near accident, the event may be considered as an answer to the question, that otherwise might have no meaning other than a close call or warning that one should be more careful. Or if the individual is playing the role of magician and one gets all green lights while driving when needed. In terms of Greek mythological interpretations, the source of the corresponding events to context, might be thought to be inspired by one or more of the gods of the pantheon such as Zeus or Athena. These are examples of context and where events of reality correspond in some way, the Symbolic Consciousness has a greater range of interpretation, choosing to interpret either in the mundane sense or symbolically depending upon the situation.

If the general environment and reality of the individual is capable of communication, which is what happens rather than verbal intercourse, then this dialogue needs a means of interpretation. The origin, functioning and phenomenon of the events themselves may be considered as merely random and accidental, or as Synchronicity and even as Spiritual in nature and capable of communication termed Semiotic Language. Reality interpreted symbolically may be explained as having perfectly logical and mundane explanations other than what is spiritually inspired or Semiotic Language. But this has no affect on the validity of the correspondences if the individual obtains valuable knowledge, feelings and emotions of inspiration and a spiritual nature and general well-being. Broader degrees of intelligence and consciousness are defined as the ability to assign more than singular, definitive absolute and fixed definitions to things, but to see that the same things would have different meanings, value and use in different situations and circumstance.