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The degree and type of intelligence is defined as relative to the level of Consciousness. The individual can only have knowledge of what one is aware and conscious of. For instance the individual could not begin to pursue any understanding of a secret society unless it is known to exist. Intelligence is therefore limited to what the individual is aware of as a level of Consciousness. A person with a low level of Consciousness may not think that there is much that is important outside their own sphere and thus their intellect will also be limited to that agenda. A person with a greater level of Consciousness, such as one who understands the needs and concerns of many different kinds and cultures of people would have an accordant higher degree of intellect.

Consciousness can be considered as such things as the mentality of different kinds of people, the attitudes engendered by living in different kinds of places and in varying circumstances, to include the sensory conditions and necessities of other living things such as wild life. This could be the understanding of the mentality of one who lives in a small town as opposed to a city, one who is a farmer, the attitude of one who is a barber or a soldier or as an officer distinct from enlisted. A greater Consciousness is one who is of the knowledge of the mentalities of many if not all the various attitudes engendered by the circumstances of situation, geography, culture or the various necessities and conditions of living. With an expanded Consciousness can come compassion as the understanding and sympathy with the conditions of existence that other species of life and humans undergo dependent upon physical makeup, environment and individual experience.

Nuclear physicists are considered to be persons synonymous with high degrees of intelligence. They have the intelligence to create nuclear materials which can be used to make energy as electricity, to power space probes and submarines, to build bombs and practice nuclear medicine. One can say that all of this takes a high degree of intellect. But do they have a high degree of consciousness? Do they have an understanding of the ramifications of these inventions? They have produced enough bombs to blow up the world dozens if not hundreds of times over, and by accident.