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One of the most fundamental examples of levels of consciousness is the different degrees of awareness the individual will have based upon the person's age. Lesser consciousness is restricted to limited perspectives. Larger consciousness is a broader perspective and understanding of the different and varying conditions of existence. Levels of Consciousness can be classified into things like educational levels, class status, levels of hierarchy in social and business interaction or degrees of experience in politics. So called higher levels of consciousness can also include such things as interpreting the reality of present circumstance in terms body language, both human and other species, physical structure in terms of symbolism, color, numbers and relationships both human created and natural. It might also be considered as awareness of ultra-physical forces and spiritual awareness in which the Interpretive Context is the co-existent relationship of spirit and matter such that the reality of the act of living is considered as a spiritual condition.

Consciousness is described as Mundane and Symbolic wherein Mundane Consciousness accords to a theoretical dichotomy of the Progressive Material Volitional Identity and Symbolic Consciousness is otherwise described by the Conservative Spiritual Ethical Identity.


How the individual experiences the reality of life is relative to the interpretation of the reality of one's experience. This interpretation, as described by the concept of Interpretive Context, is that everything in life is recognized, identified, and defined by interpretation, based upon the experience that the individual has had, to include firsthand and secondhand or vicarious experience, from the interaction with others, from books, theater, electronic media, etc. Two or more individuals may experience the same thing in different ways. For instance two persons together who come upon a snake may interpret the experience in opposite ways, such that one person may love snakes and think they are quite beautiful while another is petrified by them and perceives them as evil incarnate. The Mundane Consciousness is the product of the perspective and persuasion of Progressive Materialism.