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In essence this means that the individual possesses an Interpretive Context, as a perspective or interpretation wherein the whole of the reality of physical existence is believed to have no inherent consequence and worth in and of itself, and thus by itself is worthless.

The character of Mundane Consciousness is of the individual who is isolated in the vast existence of space and time, both in terms of the universe as the outer reaches of space, and of the planetary multiplicity of inorganic and organic matter, all of which is without known origins, reasons, meaning or purposes. There is considered to be no known living existence comparable to the human species. The experiential world of humankind is essentially that of being alone on the planet as the only species capable of intellectual, emotional and religious capacities or non-mechanical, non-instinctive intent. Mundane Consciousness consists in an interpretation of reality which is limited to apparent sensory content, as a context which is of physical, material and mechanical laws, and wherein all of reality is thought of as a scientific mechanism, in which everything that occurs as non-human, is attributable to the cause and affect of such things as physics, chemistry, electromagnetic energy or automatic processes of chemical, mechanical, genetic, biological or instinctive activity and behavior. All animal behavior is attributed to inborn instinctive automatic mechanics. Lightening and thunder are the interactions of cold and hot air, or wind is the result of warm air rising and cooler air sliding in underneath. If a bolder comes loose from the hill side, the dislodgement is considered as pure natural causes and would not be construed as having any significance beyond mechanical laws.

Anything not of the human world is considered unintelligent, dumb and mechanistic, operated by automatic processes of cause and affect or instinct such that humankind is isolated from the natural environment inhabited. All entities are considered separate and independent from all else, and are not considered to be interdependent. All entities are represented to have no meaning or exist in any larger context which possesses meaning except in terms or religious or Finite Context. The Mundane Consciousness perceives entities as identities which are considered to be independent and separate from one another, except in the context of their use for what are considered as consequential human created or sanctioned states.