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Fundamental aspects of Mundane Consciousness are religious, scientific, philosophical, political or economic systems, all of which are cast in a progressive framework, that provide fixed place and time. These are time frames like day, month and year, and the frame of reference of historical times. All phenomenon, entities and events are defined in the context of progressive development, from the lowest such as inert matter like rock to the highest which is humankind as exemplified by the concept of evolution.


Symbolic Consciousness is an Interpretive Context grounded in the conditioning or persuasion of Conservative Spirituality. Symbolic Consciousness is the opposite of the Mundane perspective and may be ordinary in cultures which do not practice the Excess and Profit of Progressive Materialism, especially those of the historical past that may not have developed or practiced progressive development. The Interpretive Context is one in which the individual and all existence is considered to possess an inherent value and consequence in and of itself, without the necessity of authority outside and independent of the realm of physical existence such as gods or the products and ideals human conception.

All existence as the entire planetary ecology, and that may also include the whole of the universe, is deemed to possess inherent consequence and value in and of itself, because every entity is considered to be an aspect and part of a single, unified, living manifestation as one whole being. Any singular aspect of the physical existence is dependent upon a greater whole, as the planet depends upon space for the facility of movement and the gravity of the sun to hold it in place, and as the sun depends on the greater space containing the galaxy, and the gravity of the center that holds it in place. The whole is dependent upon the singularity of every individual entity, as what makes up its composition and without which it would be empty space. If the consequence and value of the part is equivalent to some contribution of the composition of the whole, then the value of the part could be considered as the equivalent consequence of the value of the whole. Since the local ecology and the totality of the planetary environment sustains every individual entity, which in turn contributes to the composition of the aggregate by its manifest parts, the value of the whole could be deemed to be equal to the existence of what it sustains as the part.