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The terms Conservative and Progressive refer to opposing perspectives of change, normally used to mean against or for change, or past and future authority. Change is activity and behavior which transforms or destroys a pre-existing state or condition, and produces a state distinct from the former. The dynamics of the natural world is that of continuous change, as the light of day, to the constant shift in temperature and weather. Change is inherent in the experience of the human condition. Change and economic necessity, are inherent to the natural world, and every animate and inanimate object. The human condition, as the necessity to produce living standards, as some degree absent, the qualities and conditions of the Given Existence, is a reality for all peoples. Every living thing must eat, and converts elements of its environment into food or resource for its own existence. Every human created product, requires material resource for its making, which in some way, affects or changes the natural world. This is the condition of the natural world as fact, regardless of one's personal predilections. Change is inherent to physical existence, as day changes into night, as the earth revolves around the sun.

Change is natural to the Given Existence or it is human created. Human created change is usually intended to produce new conditions which are needed for human existence or which improve a former state. All change is registered as the transformation of already existing qualities and conditions as the comparison between the former and changed state. The terms Conservative and Progressive are defined here as two different interpretations and perspectives in terms of the value and consequence of pre-existent, as compared to changed states.

When change is described in terms of the results and products of change compared to tandem pre-existent states changed, it is defined in two ways. As promoting the continuation or promoting the discontinuation of the qualities and conditions of the former state changed. Conservative is defined as change which promotes the continued existence of the tandem state changed. Progressive is defined as promoting the discontinuation of the pre-existent state and replacing it with an alternative.