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High school home room, was a study hall. No particular class, a place one can do anything one wants. Was a strange concept when I got to high-school. Now if home-room was first period, one could be late everyday theoretically, although technically they wanted you there on time.

I believe it was my sophomore year, I volunteered to work in the kitchen. And I worked the washing machine. Put the dishes in a plastic tray constructed such that the plates, glasses, cups and silver ware stood straight up. There was a hole in the wall and when done eating, the kids passed their tray thru that opening, and I would take the contents and stack it in a plastic tray, then hose them down with a high pressure nozzle; then pull the doors of the washing machine up, and both in and out rose simultaneously, then close it down and hit the green button. And they would come out washed, and I would slide them down the the stainless steel slide, where someone would put them back on the shelves.

The cooks loved me and they were weighty women. And I have to say, that both in grade and high school we got great meals for lunch. The favorite in grade-school was honey butter bread, and these meals may have cost about fifty cents. Oh it was good. What I got in wages was not money, but lunches free with extra meat, extra gravy, extra mashed potatoes or vegetables if I wanted them and I did, and the normal desert, of cake, pudding, pie or Jello, plus I would get a chocolate milkshake all for free. So I had the big meal for lunch and the big meal again for dinner, that night cooked by my Mom.

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