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Two primary economic forms are said to be Necessity & Subsistence, from which its correspondent corollary non-profit Socialism derives, and Excess & Profit, from which its private-profit descendent as Capitalism ensues.

The economics of all planetary nature with the exception of humankind functions by Necessity & Subsistence, or no-more than what is needed, to include Indigenous pre-excess & profit peoples. Socialism is Government, which means an organizational body that regulates the activity and behavior of the individuals of its constituency, for the purpose of by universal codes reducing conflict, promoting the general welfare of the whole, by the collective support of the creation and maintenance of infrastructure and services and equity of free or low cost availability to all.

Excess & Profit derives from the tools of technology, primarily as mass production of excess, which can be traded into profit. Capitalism as meant here, is the production and selling of entities and commodities for profit, or the selling of excess for private profit. Private individuals for private purposes produce saleable goods such as vegetables, clothes, housing, entertainment or anything that people will purchase, and the more the better as more profit and more excess. Thus Capitalism is Progressive, and the authority is Post-changed States, or changed states as opposed original qualities and conditions.

Socialism is considered as corollary to nature as Conservative, in that it tends to duplicate itself in a same or similar fashion, as preservation of its structure and organization, thus its authority is Pre-existent States or qualities and conditions as given. Socialist Government promotes the public good, which at the same time promotes private well-being. Capitalism promotes the private good first and the public good by the products it produces for sale second. If the public was first they would sell their products for cost.

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