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I went back-packing to the Caribou Wilderness, which was just east of Lassen Volcanic National Park and they border each other. I went alone without Sophia, but I am not sure why. I didn't like to back-pack by myself. This would have been nineteen ninety-five or six. I drove up there in my old Chevy Luv truck with Izuzu engine - late June, up Route 5, then turned right at Redding and east to Westwood on 44.

Think it was a Saturday. I couldn't find my way in. The park entrance was not marked. I had to ask at a gas station. I parked at a lot next to a lake in late afternoon and started packing with a wee bit or rain I think. I walked four or five miles before I came to a lake I liked. It was called Triangle Lake. The park was infested with lakes everywhere and millions of mosquitoes that time of year, late June. It was crowded and all the lakeside sites were taken. I had to camp back up in the mosquitoes infested woods.

Maybe next day Sunday, I decided to go to Widow Lake. It was another long hike mostly mildly downhill with intermittent rain. There was no-one at the lake when I got there and it was more of a pond. It was very pretty though and I set up camp. I found the trail that led to Snag Lake, that was formed by a volcano cone in the 1906 Lassen volcano explosion. Snag Lake was on the eastern border of Lassen Park and separated the two. I had tramped all over Lassen with Sophia some years ago, and all along the western shore of Snag Lake.

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