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Change is constantly perpetual every minute as especially light, sound or the planet's rotation and whiz thru space. In the ascertainment of the nature of the planetary existence, there are no known comparisons as other life holding planets in which to discover the what, which and why ? of this and that.

Three kinds of sources or emanations of change are considered as : Compositional, Conceptual and Exoteric Change. Compositional Change is inherent in the composition and relationships of entities in nature. Inherent in the composition of all living things is death. Inherent in the northern and southern climbs is summer changing to winter and vice versa. Ice melts in warmer temps. Water runs down hill and seeks its own level by its composition. Conceptual Change means human created Qualified States, as anomaly unnatural to nature. Exoteric means change emanated from other-dimensionality as spiritual intercession in the physical world.

So that which is used as a comparative means of evaluation or Comparative States is Change, in which former or Pre-existent States are compared with Post-changed States. The day is compared to night, the back to front, the modern age to the ancient or the wooded glen to the shopping mall.

Compositional and Conceptual change is comparative states as transitional, producing the same or distinct, or continuation and discontinuation. Natural Compositional Change as transformation and destruction leaves states that will rekindle themselves and a return to what-was. Change which promotes the continuation of Pre-existent States is called Conservative. All natural earthly transformation and destruction leaves changed states which regenerate to what they were prior, as forest fires leave conditions for more forest. Trees produce oxygen and upon demise degenerate into soil creating conditions for itself and other life forms to exist.

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