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The planet produces conditions for life to exist for eons, in-which states continue in a similar and same condition, but does not explain why and what for, and does not explain the reason, purpose or meaning of any given entity, since it only duplicates itself and preserves the same of similar states. A tree produces trees endlessly.

Change which promotes the discontinuation of Pre-existent States is called Progressive, which is human instituted change, such as paving over the forest or farming prairie-land to elevate standards of living. Something cannot be created from nothing. Progress requires the transformation or destruction of material resource to produce the new. Pre-existent States must be replaced by Post-changed States considered superior to that reconstituted.

The primary Comparative States are Conservative and Progressive, wherein the natural river is the Pre-existent State and the dammed river is a Post-changed State, or natural and Qualified States. The dam that is so constructed, so as to produce electricity explains the reason, purpose and meaning of the river and the dam, by utility and added value. The natural river is explained as snow and rain run-off which seeks its own level in lake or sea. Without run-off the planet would be a swamp, since snow and rain are necessary to the sustainment of life. But alas - life is not explained and simple existence is not reason enough.

Change producing the same or change as distinct. If Pre-existent States are perfect or good enough then preservation is the order of the day (Conservative), and if Pre-existent States are not, then the new can be found reason-for (Progressive). For the Progressive it makes more sense for effort and energy exerted, to end with more than when began as the same.

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