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The Progressive is creative, innovative, inventive, entrepreneurial, originative and innovational. The Conservative is not. The Progressive is for the young who want to make something for themselves, and are too young to appreciate what is; while the Conservative is more for the old who have made theirs and want to preserve it, and who can now appreciate the ordinary daily miracle.

The entire Progressive Paradigm is based on the concept of evolutional inferior to superior, wherein the latter would for-them make more sense. However the superior requires development which requires resource and material, and which further requires transformation or destruction, meaning the Progressive Paradigm is disastrous for Pre-existent States, as a built-in predatory parasite called MonoCulture, as the glorification of the elite and the damnation of the common.

Products of change can explain the reason for the producers existence. Why or what-for can be explained by the concepts of the Whole and the Part, wherein the Whole is said to produce Products internal to itself and Parts external to themselves. Because the Whole as a circumscribed domain contains all its Parts, the Products it produces internally are said to affect all the Parts as a collective, providing environment, residence, infrastructure, but primarily an organization of all the Parts, to serve a universal function as the Whole, of which in some way it is a Part.

Each Part produces a Product external to itself of some use to the collective Whole, as heart, lungs, skin and bone, and each Part is serviced by all the other Parts of the Whole. Of the solar system the sun produces light, heat and energy to the earth wherein vegetation converts by photosynthesis "light energy captured and used to convert water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and energy-rich organic compounds".

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