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The solar system is a Whole of which the earth is a Part, but at the same time the earth is a Whole in and of itself. But as a Part the earth produces no known Products external to itself and thus it is called a Choate Whole. All natural Parts serve the living earth as a Whole in some way. Accept human anomaly which serves the earth not at all, but only the nothing but self-interested human species.

The Whole is said to be synonymous with the MetaProperty All, while the Part is said to be synonymous with the MetaProperty One. The Whole is comprised of All and in a proper functioning Whole each Part serves the both the self and the Whole. The All means altruistic and community. The Part when capable of self-direction as human volition, can be totally self-serving, selfish, autocratic, self-centered and antagonistic toward the Whole, conceived as an infringement on its personal freedom.

Pre-existent States are said to be the province of the Whole and an extension of the All. Post-changed States are said to be the pursuit of the Part and by extension the One. The Products of the Whole are produced internally, as the output of all the Parts which then by some share of each are of benefit to the All, and wherein it is in the interest of All to preserve As-Is. Since the Products of the Part are produced externally, and wherein the self-volitional Part can exchange Product profit for personal gain in contempt of the Whole, of which it depends for transportation, fire, police and various infrastructure, the Part may use and exploit Post Changed States as Products of profit and personal privilege. Developers tear down old pre-existent states to build the new for profit.

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