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The denial of the Pre-existent State in western MonoCulture is ubiquitous. Monotheism considers human existence on earth as resource exercise and material to be used as a means to gain an objective and goal as Heaven, suited quite well to Progressive Materialism, or material for progress and resource to be exploited. Moneytheism as the secular perspective, views the natural world as the same, except the goal and object is material possession in the here and now. Thus the Progressive perspective is an Associational propensity of Is-As envisagement, or to perceive not As-Is, but Is-As something or other different as alternatives, like looking at grass thought to be greener on the other side of the fence.

On the other hand Polytheism is synonymous with the Pre-existent State. Many Gods, Goddesses and Whatnots considered as other-dimensionally co-existent in the material world, sanctifies the physical giving it a legitimacy, prohibiting change and limiting modification for true believers to Necessity & Subsistence.

The Psychological theory as presented here consists in the Ego, associational interpretation thru and limited to the context of the body; the Identities as associational interpretation thru the context of goals and objectives called Interpretive Personification; and the Ipseities is the same as the Identities, but wherein the goals and objectives are other-dimensional.

The Ego is said to be of the province of Pre-existent States. The Identities and Ipseities are said to be the prerequisite of Post-changed States. The body is likened to a Whole and the Ego interprets reality in reference to how it has, does and will affect the body. The Ego dresses the body for the weather. The Identities will probable dress the body for fashion. Of a healthy body, all the Parts work in conjunction with each other in the interest of preserving the body as a Whole.

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