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Only the mind works against the body, if every Part is healthy. The body can be changed marginally by weight, muscle mass, endurance and today surgery, all as mind induced, but essentially to stay healthy, the Pre-existent State is to be preserved As_Is.

The Identities and Ipseities are oriented to change, meaning objectives in future or As-Is to Is-As, and thus are the province of Post-changed States. Identities are said to be associational personifications, each objective of which represents goals, such as any given profession, like farmer, pharmacist, cashier or produce worker. Interpretation of reality is thru the context of a particular objective as when working with produce one continually thinks and interprets in terms of the produce. The individual may have any number of Identities depending on the number of objectives such as driver, parent, profession, volunteer or tourist, and one switches contexts when occupied with the objective as from work to driving home.

Some Identities may be Conservative and some Progressive. Certainly the Identity of parent would likely be Conservative and As-Is, to keep a stable environment for children and the integrity of the Pre-existent State. Other Conservative Identities are maintenance jobs, maintaining order, nature preservationist, house painter or road repair. Progressive Identities mean primarily people want more, of the good life, more money, more possessions, more love, more gravy and are such as capitalists, entrepreneurs, gamblers, developers or status climbers. An individual can have both Conservative and Progressive Identities. One can be health conscious but at the same time have a late night Identity. Of the Identities, an individual may have one that would be dominant.

The Ipseities as already stated are Monotheistic Religious, as Progressive Is-As heaven, and Polytheistic Spiritual, as Conservative As-Is nature. Religious Identity objective personifications are generally taken from so-called religious text characters.

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