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And people follow in the roll model of saints and do as the holy one's may have done. Spiritual Identity objective personification is generally based on a pantheon of spirit characters usually representing some aspect of nature such as wind, the moon, sun, storm or brook. The spirits would possess characteristics as possessed by natural phenomenon and the individual may adopt those characteristics as windy in speech or stormy in temperament, cloudy in illusion or a sunrise smile. The validity of the Pre-existent State is more of a body sensory experiential criterion, while Post-changed States are a product of mind.

Socialism would be equated with Pre-existent States and Capitalism with Post-changed States. Socialism is Government and Capitalism is the economic means of exchange. Socialism is represented as Conservative, the Whole, the All and Democracy, and Capitalism represented as Progressive, the Part, the One and Fascism.

Government is a pooling of collective resources to fund infrastructure like roads, water and sewage, to be shared equally by the Whole of the Community, to provide services for the convenience of All democratically, and once created to preserve these resources as Pre-existent States, and its economic means is non-profit.

Capitalism derives from Excess & Profit, the purpose to-produce and sell Products produced from Pre-existent States, considered as resource independent of Government, the Whole, as a Part which is Progressive to gain Post-changed States for profit, for the One as self and kin, and wherein money concentrates into fewer fewer hands by buying up the competition and mergers, and becomes sooner or later oligarchal Fascism. Givens greater is govern ends - as Conservative. Ends greater is govern Givens - as Progressive.

Authority Reasoning means to reason from authority rather than from evidence, facts or demonstration. The best known authority is God.

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