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Though there is no evidence for the existence of God, the authority rules over all reason. Authority Reasoning as applies to Identities which are created as personifications of objectives would mean objectives are the authority for reasoning. The authority is Post-changed States, and as the objective was beer, two six-packs per day were consumed. If the objective is money then all present circumstance may be interpreted as how it relates to money. Have they got it or have they not ? If the objective is the primary authority for one's life, then most reasoning is in the interest of the objective, as the object was medicine and a life-long study was undertaken.

On the other hand Foundation Reasoning is based on evidence, facts or demonstration which would accord to Pre-existent States as known entities and foundation such as everyone knows to stop auto on red light. The Ego as interpreter of the body must have true and correct information to make reasonable judgments to preserve the body and prevent accident and tragedy, as as one had driven the road many times and knew its intricacies. Thus Foundation Reasoning would accord to Pre-existent States, as trying cotton candy three times did not agree with her, she reasoned never to eat it again.

A third MetaProperty of the All/One triad is the Null, meaning other-dimensional to include Polytheism as accordant with All, Monotheism congruous with One, and the Null as concordant with Mysticism or Metaphoria. Of the Conservative/Progressive dichotomy of change, the third element is called Exoteric, and as change would be induced from other-dimensionality, another level of consciousness would ensue, as other-dimensional being, if one was assured of such an existence.

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