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Polytheism means the source of Exoteric Change is spirits and spiritual forces, inter-dimensional with nature. Monotheism means the source of Exoteric Change is God, existent independent of the planetary sphere. Metaphoria means the source of Exoteric Change would be the individual self, as a personal relationship with other-dimensional existence. This self then could be Polytheistic in form of the Ipseities such as a sorceress, shaman, sorcerer or wizard. Monotheism calls this type spirituality a relationship with evil spirits, and thus does not allow it, in the past burning those at the stake, but now only roasting like a hot dog in hell for a compassionate eternity. Metaphoria doesn't exist as yet so no liens on life would yet deserve a function.

If the individual would discover that they had an affect on change called Esoteric, by mere thought, word or magic, questions of course would arise as to the ramifications of such an aptitude. Exoteric Change would be specific powers, as to change national and political configurations, move mountains, eliminate evil, cause good or chaos. Would this capacity be legitimate, coincidence, some quirk in the fabric of happenstance, or mere madness ?

Request and result, wherein if requests and results proved concurrent, then the correspondence would deem the possibility. Thus true or coincidental, what could be learned from such manifestation regardless, wherein if knowledge was paramount, it-would be incumbent upon the individual to engage the phenomenon for what could be learned.

Of course in these advanced modern times, the individual could not consult a professional physician, as to be cited mentally deranged and cured by drug addiction, so inprisonable if bought on the street, and thus must keep such an astounding turn of events to oneself. The question would arise as to the responsibility of the individual.

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