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Would it be irresponsible to ignore such powers that could be used for good and against fascists ? Or would one ignore it as best one could taking karma to account ?

And who will be responsible for the collateral damage - you or the other ? Oh - what to do - what to do ? Stop the war. Which one ? All of them. For whose side ? So what does one know ? Nothing maybe. One is the one in the here, and lives it now, unlike perhaps those on the other side of reality. It needs living from every perspective. So the solution is Identities, a lot of them. It needs a new reality everyday and an Identity that fits - questions - the Identities live questions, in search of answers.

But on the other-hand, one need-not be so ambitious and of risk adventurous engagement. It need only be a dialog. Ask a question or make a statement and an Exoteric Change may occur, which is correlated as applicable or no. Is it exoteric or is it random cause and affect ? The concept here is Synchronicity, as timing such that there would seem to be a correlation or relationship between conceptual question and exoteric answer, as things that happen. Then again the question is context in which to observe reality for correlations. The question was, what's my name ? and the answer was posted on a passing bus advertisement.

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