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Varying levels of Consciousness are proposed as relates to the individual's awareness and appreciation of Consequence called the Consciousness of Consequence. Each level is called First, Second and so on States. These levels or states are further considered as either concrete or abstract, which alternate from one state to the next, and which describes each state in terms of the Concrete affect of consequence as possessing some sense of physical manifestation apparent to the senses, and Abstract, as Consequence apparent as a non-physical state of mind.

Different levels of awareness can be said to derive from what the individual is conscious of, perceives, recognizes, and is cognizant of in any given present circumstance, based upon what the individual considers as significant, important, of consequence, or of Consequential Value. This would include the degree to which the individual considers themselves and others to be of Consequence. It is proposed that levels of Consciousness may be ascribed, as essentially different degrees of awareness, that the individual derives from the degree which they are assigned and assign themselves and their environment consequence. For instance, generally the average individual will pay great attention to expensive commodities, but little to none of intricate and complex everyday beauties of nature.


The First State of the Consciousness of Consequence is the physical, material called the Mundane, because the individual sense of self-worth and consequence in general is limited to material and physical attributes.

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