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The Cognizance Theory is a theoretical description of living existence in general and human consciousness in particular, and is an attempt to represent the condition of cognizant intelligence as an archetype, applicable everywhere in the physical and non-physical universe. To begin is a synopsis of the theory, with a more detailed analysis following. [sp]

If the material universe exists and there is no Cognizance of it, does it really exist? It may exist, but without Cognizance, it could have no awareness of itself, and without awareness, it could be said not to matter. By the same token if Cognizance were to exist, and there was nothing for it to be aware, would Cognizance exist? Again it might exist, but of what could it be aware? It can be assumed that both states do already exist, as the manifestations of living entities, which are physical; but possess the non-physical facility of Cognizance, as sentient awareness, memory and Cognizance.


The Cosmcosmos means 'everything is everything' called Omnitude; or that for any one thing to exist -|- there is the requirement that all things exist, and for all things to exist -|- there is required the existence of some given one-things -|- the MetaProperty - One.


The Omnitude is said to be possessed of three elements as Matter or Condition; space or Context; and the fusion of matter and space called Cognizance.

Cognizance would be said to need Condtion and Context. Condition would enforce decision-making and Context would give the decision-maker -|- in the Context-of.


Conditon Context Cognizance

Condition, Context and Cognizance are called Properties as three fundamentally separate dimensions called the Positive Negative and Metaphysical Dimensions. The Properties represent conceptions in the mind; as pertains to Philosophy concerning the Positive as Condition; Psychology of the Negative and Context and Metaphysics of the Metaphysical Dimensions and Cognizance.

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