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Cognizant Triad

Cognizant Triad:

The Cognizant Triad consists in Interpretation, Evaluation and Comprehension. Interpretation is correlated to the physical world called Condition, Evaluation to mind, memory and mentality called Context, while Comprehension is conjoined to an external Metaphysical perspective called Cognizance.


Interpretation is the selection of specific Association from the myriad of impressions and images in the memory, which are attached to specific registration in the immediate present or thinking, and which gives recognition, identification, Context and implication.

The selection of specific Associations is the collection of experience in the memory, that governs selection and makes it automatic, like what one believes is right and wrong, true and false, what is possible, correct, worthwhile or meaningful, much of which is concluded at an early age, the reasons forgotten and thus become automatic and unconscious.

Determinative associative selection is said to be derived primarily from what the individual considers to be of Consequence, which is ascertained through direct experience of the body, is inculcated and conditioned from one's environment and culture such as religion and class, or is self-decided like poetry.

What is considered to be of Consequence determines the character of individual experience, of what one will observe, recognize, identify and give significance. An artist may be observant of the aesthetics around them while the office worker may not notice much.

The choice of particular and specific Association is called Interpretation. At the sight of snow the arctic dweller will have a plethora of Associations while the desert dweller might have little collation to draw upon.

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