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Change may be used as a vehicle of comparative evaluation termed Finite Determination, wherein the results and products of change explain reason, purpose and meaning, and thus the Consequence of pre-existent states and activity and behavior. Thus the forest which is an inherent aspect of the planetary living existence, does not obviously produce any results and products that explains its existence. However when the trees of the forest are used for wood products, such as paper or furniture. These results and products can be said to explain the existence of trees and establish a Consequence for them.

By the process of Finite Determination, change can be defined as two types, or as Conservative and Progressive. The process of change can be defined as oppositional, meaning that changed states are in opposition with pre-existent states such as the burned forest is in opposition to the unburned forest. Conservative change can be described by the term Complimentary Opposition. The result and products of every natural change is said to promotes the existence of the pre-existent state proceeding the change in exact or near-like form. Thus after the forest is burned there is no inherent alteration that would prevent forest recovery, and indeed leaves conditions such that recovery is encouraged. Progressive change can be defined by the term Antithetical Opposition, which means that the pre-existent condition is said to be antithetical to the changed, new, progressed and superior state, and thus it may be transformed or destroyed without regard to its continued existence. Thus the forest may be clear cut for cattle grazing, without any regard to whether this forest will ever return, or whether it simply becomes a desert, the forest never to return for all of history.

From the finite determinations of Conservative and Progressive change, can be said to derive two fundamental forms of Consciousness, perspective, psychology and Interpretive Context, by which any given individual, in any age or time will tend to act, behave and conduct themselves, based upon the interpretation of what is of Consequence and what is not. These are termed the Conservative Spiritual Ethical and Progressive Material Volitional Identities. These two philosophies are diametrically opposed, in opposition to each other, and thus each must looked at separately.