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Conservative Spirituality defines the opposition of natural change as Complimentary. Its fundamental premise in terms of Consequence, is that if the Given Existence were used as authority for all human activity and behavior, and all natural change recreates itself in exact or near like form, then in terms of Finite Determination, it is an already existent and complete result and product, that explains itself in human terms by the experience of its condition and the existence of all things. An authority for this condition as a Conservative dynamic, is explained by the concept of Orbital Correlation. All life must correspond to the conditions created by the earth's orbit around the sun, and anything that evolves or progresses out of this correlation is doomed to extinction. So long as the exterior environment remains stable, life dependent upon that environment must recreate itself in like form, to remain in harmony with the ecological condition. Change must be Conservative. (Subtopic Symbolic Consciousness.)

Progressive Materialism defines the opposition of natural change as antithetical to human values and ideals. Natural change is also said to produce no result and product that explains its existence, and thus for both reasons the natural world and universe, to include humankind, is defined as possessing no Consequential Integrity in and of itself. Progressive Materialism begins with the premise that the natural world and universe, to include humankind, possesses no inherent consequence and thus Consequential Integrity must be created or apprised by means of conception or spiritual inspiration. (Subtopic Mundane Consciousness)

In terms of the reasoning of Progressive Materialism, neither any aspect of the Given Existence or the individual, possesses inherent consequence. Consequential Integrity must be conceptually or inspirationally ascertained and emulated, and is embodied in perfected models, or what are termed Metaphysical Ideals and Extra Mundane Authorities, such as the elite status of wealth or heaven. These models are standards that are independent of the individual, and to which the person is expected to conform termed Authoritative Imperatives. To enjoy respectability, the individual is required to conform to the standard of the culture, society and or religion. (Subtopics Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and Anitpodal Associative Paradigm)