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From the Conservative Spiritual perspective, only life that is suited to its environment is capable of survival. By virtue of the fact that any given entity produced by the universe can reproduce itself in exact or near-like form ad infinitum, in accordance with a stable environment, would seem to sanction its Consequential Integrity and is considered as evidence of its Consequence. However such a given entity only duplicates itself, and does not create any result and product that explains it, as anything other than what experience indicates it to be. A specific meaning, purpose, reason and Consequence still cannot be determined. This inability of determination is termed the Absent Determinant.

The Progressive Materialist, posssessing no inherent Consequence, would not be expected, and may be considered incapable of recognizing significance. The criterion for what constitutes Consequential Integrity, not being an aspect of the natural world, exists independent of the individual as ideals. These ideals can be recognized by conception, and represent states greatly more perfect than anything existing naturally, such as heaven, eternal life, perfect justice or wealth. The individual, as capable of such conception, is considered able by thought and action, of a progressive conformance with some or all paragons of perfection. To possess Consequence, the individual is required to correspond to these ideals as progressive mandates. These mandates are physical and religious. The individual is expected to possses or accumulate material property, or is expected to conform to religious expectations. Thus the individual is required and mandated to conformance, and all free-will that is not in accordance, may be considered illegal and acts of defiance. (Subtopic Authoritative Dictates)

In terms of Conservative Spirituality, the world and universe, to include the indivdual, is considered to possess inherent Consequence. However in reference to the Absent Determinant, the specific nature of this Consequence cannot be determined. The very consideration that there exists no certainty of specific Consequential Integrity, allows the individual the freedom and ability to make decisions concerning the nature of Consequence for the self. The very nature of determining Consequence is the consideration that it is not already determined with a certainty.